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Update: March 11, 2020

We’ve had a lot of questions about parking decals and we have the following info as of March 11, 2020: Updated Water and Wastewater Financial Forecast Model from Raftellis - May 2015

  • New decals will be ordered immediately. Printing will take at least 2-3 weeks. We will make an announcement when the new decals are available.

  • The new decals will be purple, and will be valid through December 31, 2021.

  • The new decals will be $10 for residents and property owners, and will be used for parking in the restricted parking spaces. The decals may also be used for re-entry following a storm evacuation.

  • Buying a decal is NOT required. More than 800 parking spaces are available for vehicles with no decal. Re-entry after a hurricane will NOT require a decal, though having a decal may help speed up the process for you and for staff.

  • For re-entry after an evacuation, if access is restricted — residents without a decal must have a photo ID and proof of Oak Island residency such as a driver’s license with an Oak Island address, and property owners without a decal must have a photo ID and proof of Oak Island property ownership such as a recent utility or tax bill.

  • The teal decals will be valid until the new decals are available. We are no longer selling teal decals.

  • The cost is $10 regardless of when the decal is purchased. After December 31, 2021, decals will be issued on an annual basis.